We understand that it can be intimidating to turn up for your first ride with the Club! Will you be wearing the right thing, will you be riding the right bike, will you be able to keep up?

The good news is that we've been working really hard to create a non-threatening, supportive and encouraging environment for women who would like to join us for a ride. 

On your first ride you'll be met by one of our experienced and supportive Ride Leaders, you can ask as many questions as you like, the rest of the women will be welcoming and supportive and it doesn't matter if you are fast or slow - if you're out there giving it a go you'll have everyone's full support! 

Riding with a group is a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and enjoy riding your bike with a friendly group of people and this is our step by step guide to starting out!

Step one: contact us.

Contact the Club Captain to discuss what the club can offer you and let us know if you are interested in joining us for a ride.

Step TWO: join us for a ride.

We have a Women's Only Wednesday's program that is for women, and run by KPCC women. 

The ride leaves the Goodwill Bridge at 5:30am on Wednesday mornings and is a relaxed social ride around the river. The ride is 35km and will have you back at South Bank by 7am for a coffee before work.

We recommend signing up for a Cycling Australia Recreational (Silver) - 3 Month Membership ($29) at minimum that will give you 3 months of access to the full range of Membership benefits.

Contact our Club Captain to let them know you're coming, and of course ask as many questions as you like in the lead up to the ride.

Before the ride the Ride Leader will provide a briefing to everyone on the route, speed and group riding.

On the ride you'll be guided and supported by a friendly group of women who were just like you, until they did their first ride and become part of the 'regular' group.

As long as you have a road bike with clip-in shoes, some comfortable clothing, a water bottle and a helmet you're ready to start!

Step THREE: UPGRADE your membership.

If you enjoyed your 'test ride' and have decided the Club is for you, you will need to upgrade to a full year licence before your 3 month trial runs out.

To ride with the Club socially you need a Recreational (Silver) Licence.

Twelve month Recreational Licences are available all year around, with renewals coming up each Quarter.

You can do everything online and you can contact our Secretary if you need a little bit of help.

If you're also interested in getting in to racing, you might like to consider buying a Racing (Gold) Licence and reading our Quick Start Guide to Racing as well.

Step four: get the #greenwhiteblack

You'll want to tell people that you're a member of the Club, and the best way to do that is to wear the #greenwhiteblack.

Our Club Shop carries a range of comfortable and high quality Club Kit that you can try on and purchase. It's all manufactured locally by Tineli.

Step FIVE: where to from there?

Every rider is different, so we can't tell you exactly where you'll head from here but there are plenty of things that the Club does year-round that may be of interest:

  • Weekly rides are on regularly for you to train and enjoy getting fitter and faster. You can enjoy the Women's Only Weekdays ride as well as the Sunday Club Ride every week.

  • Our #kpchallengeridesseries program offers a variety of long and challenging rides throughout the year.

  • There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer from joining a Committee or Sub-Committee to lending a hand with Social Media, Event Management or just a few hours every now and again at our events.

  • You might like to have a go at racing to see what all the fuss is about, and we run Criterium Racing Training for a few weeks in a row twice a year that is the perfect opportunity go give it a go in a non-threatening and safe environment


You can ask our Club Captain anything that you like at any time.