Kangaroo Point Cycling Club welcomes members of all abilities, from elite and masters cyclists to recreational social riders and supports members in their pursuit of excellence in the sport. Congratulations to all members on our Honour Roll!

Life Members

Life Membership is an honour bestowed on long serving club members.

W Hinton, L Dodson, B Schulte, P Erskine, D Madigan, B Oakhill, T Oakhill, K Ham, Mrs N Madigan, B Engstrom, G Foster, Mrs B Bathersby, P Rasell

Deceased:   J Carnegie, I C James, G Luxton, H V Luster, G Nock, J S Bell, J Burdon, W Leslie, A Johnson, G O’Neil, W Davidson, R J Crowther, W J Muir, J White, S Goubareff, W Williams, W Dempsey Snr, Mrs M Schulte, W Herley, G Gibson, V N Gailey (Bar), Mrs M Gailey, C Erskine, P Bathersby (sen)

Matthew Payne (Team ActivCycle Coaching for KPCC) with club mates showing off National Champion Bands for his win in the 2012 National Championships Road Race (Masters 1-3).

National Champions

2013 - Para-Cycling Championships

  • MC4 Individual Time Trial - Silver Medal: Ben Ellen
  • MC4 Road Race - Silver Medal: Ben Ellen

2012 - Masters 1-3 Road Race - Gold Medal: Matthew Payne

State Champions

2014 - Road Race Championship

  • Elite - Gold Medal: Chris Williams
  • Masters 1 Women - Gold Medal: Brooke Sheppeard
  • Masters 1 Women - Bronze Medal: Hannah Tohill
  • Masters 2 Women - Bronze Medal: Natalie Langer
  • Masters 5 Women - Silver Medal: Sue Cruikshank
  • Masters 6 - Gold Medal: Warren Biggs
  • Masters 9 - Silver Medal: Chass Matters

2013 - Masters 1 Individual Time Trial - Gold Medal: Kieran Heinze

2013 - Masters 1 Road Race - Matthew Payne

2013 - Criterium Championship

  • Masters 1 - Silver Medal: Matthew Payne
  • Masters 5 - Bronze Medal: Brian O'Connell

2013 - Masters Track Championship

  • 500m Time Trial (MMAS7) – Bronze Medal: James Clarke
  • 500m Time Trial (MMAS5) – Bronze Medal: Ian Collins
  • 500m Time Trial (WMAS5) – Gold Medal, State Record: Jacinta Briant
  • Sprint (MMAS7) – Silver Medal: James Clark
  • Sprint (MMAS4) – Bronze Medal: David May
  • 2000m Individual Pursuit (WMAS5) – Gold Medal, State Record: Jacinta Briant
  • 2000m Individual Pursuit (MMAS7) – Bronze Medal: James Clark
  • Combined Men 4000m Team Pursuit – Bronze Medal: David May, Phillip Peh, Scott Bishop & Leo Priest
  • 5km (MMAS5) - Bronze Medal: Ian Collins

2012 - Masters Road Championships

  • Road Race (MMAS1-3) - Silver Medal: Matthew Payne
  • Criterium (MMAS1-3) - Silver Medal: Matthew Payne

Len Hunt Memorial Shield

Alix Everton (Road) & Matthew Wynne (Track)

The Club was pleased to award the 2015 Len Hunt Memorial Shield jointly to Alix Everton and Matthew Wynne.

This award recognizes the most improved rider in the Club over the past year and is a reflection of a rider’s commitment to their training, in some instances results, and their broader club spirit.

Alix has progressed along an impressive upwards trajectory with a strong focus on training paying dividends with impressive results and grading changes during 2015. From novice rider in 2014, Alix has shown impressive improvement and now makes the time to use her experience and expertise to contribute to the development of other Club Members.

Matthew has similarly progressed with strong improvement in his training and results on the Track. In particular, Matthew was a key contributor to the Club’s 2015 track team for the Chandler Challenge and has achieved significant and impressive skills and results growth over the past year.

Club Volunteer of the Year

Darren Thomas

Darren is the second recipient of the Club Volunteer of the Year award.

The award recognizes the contributions of ordinary Club Members who go above and beyond in their commitment to the Club.



As the Club’s Quartermaster, Darren has been integral in growing the presence of the #greenwhiteblack by outfitting members in our Club Kit, as well as producing special edition kits, socks, arm warmers, knee warmers, jackets, tees and bottles. Under Darren’s leadership our Club Shop, which has occupied Darren’s dining room for many years, has grown to be an asset for our Members and a welcoming friendly point of contact for new members.

In addition to his duties in the shop Darren also produces graphic design content for the Club, regularly contributes to our social media channels, is an active Volunteer across nearly every Club activity and also leads many rides as a Ride Leader.