We are always looking for information about the early years of the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club, particularly from its creation until the 1940's. If you have some historical information, photos or early memorabilia you would like to share with the Club we would love to hear from you.


The Kangaroo Point Cycling Club was established at a meeting in the Pineapple Hotel (Kangaroo Point) on July 14th 1905.

New Cycling Club Notice, The Brisbane Courier, Saturday 15 July 1905. 

The Club’s patron that year was Hon. J.H. McConnell, and the club President was the Hon E.J. Stevens (M.L.A. for Logan), he was one of the most highly respected sporting identities in the State and is considered to be the “Father” of amateur sport in Queensland.

Other members of the club in its first season, when it boasted 16 members, were John W. and Norman F. Hetherington, father and son who would later become Mayor and treasurer of Brisbane.

Although officially affiliated in 1905, the club in fact held its first race meeting in 1903 with three road handicaps. In that year P. Burke (the clubs actual founder) was Captain and Fred. Whimp was secretary. In 1904 R. Peters was Captain and Norman Hetherington was Secretary.

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club Junior No.1 Team 1913

Even in the first 15 years, or so, the club supported many State and Australian Champions, with the likes of Joe Bell, Syd Gee and Jack King. Jack won many state and Australian titles and in 1920, was one of the first ever two cyclists selected to represent Australia at the Olympics (in Antwerp). He was Queensland’s first ever Olympic representative. Other club members who almost made it to the Olympics were Harry Clayton, who would have been at the 1940 Olympics, were they not cancelled, and Alan Hoger who made it into the final cut before Melbourne in 1956.

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club Junior Team 1954

The twenties was a strong time for cycling in Brisbane, apart from numerous dirt tracks and roads on the city's outskirts, we also had two velodromes, a concrete circuit around the “Gabba” and board track at the RNA exhibition grounds. This time saw the rise of many of the clubs most prominent members, these included Bill Muir, Shearer Goubareff (who was also a champion weight lifter) and Tom Wallace (a well known cycling identity in Brisbane for many years, “Tom Wallace Cycles” at Lutwyche still bares his name). Norm. Gailey M.B.E. who was not only our Club president for over 50 years, but also president of the Queensland Cyclists Association, Australian Cycling Federation and many Olympic and Commonwealth games committees. It was Norm. Gailey who was responsible for bringing the Commonwealth Games to Brisbane in 1982.

Shearer Goubareff

In the 1930’s and 1940’s some of the clubs most successful members were George Luxton, Arty Beaufoy (Australian Junior Road Champion 1939) and Harry Clayton. The late thirties also saw the formation of the Kangaroo Point Amateur Womens Cycling Club. Although short lived due to WW2, the womens club did help bring womens cycling to prominence and the club was to benefit from a strong womens team well into the 1960’s. Just a few of the outstanding females from that era in the 50’s and 60’s Mavis Schulte, Vale Gee and Isobel Bowman (now Isobel Evans). In the last few years, riders such as Sally-Anne Cowman, Sasha Harvey, Michelle Crisp, and one of our current members Jessy Byrnes have kept up the female tradition, representing us at State and National level.

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club member Jessy Byrnes

The 1950’s and 60’s saw the club gain strength with its road racing, some prominent members at that time included Alan Hoger, Gary Grant, Don Williams, Brian Green, Paul Bathersby and Mike Dagwell. James Hourigan was to win the Australian Schoolboy Championship in 1969. Our road racing course at the time was at Grassdale, and our “home ground” was the track at Kelvin Grove and when this was demolished racing moved to Hawthorne Park, Balmoral. 

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club 25 Mile Team

It was not until 1973, however, that the Club was to break a drought that had lasted some 43 years. Up until 1939 Kangaroo Point was consistently successful in the State Teams 25 mile road race (now time trial). We were to win that event with the team of Bruce Oakhill, Paul Bathersby, Roy Hourigan, Peter Erskine and Roland Cowman. The 70’s was a time when we saw the rise of class riders such a Bruce and Terry Oakhill,  Bruce Schulte and Murray Donald.

Paul Bathersby & Norm Gailey 5 Mile Road Race

In the eighties and into the 90’s a resurgence in track racing saw the likes of Brad and Gary Madigan come to the fore. Gary Madigan won many State and National Championships whilst breaking State and National Records. In that era Brad Madigan, Bruce Oakhill and Murray Donald were members of the "still standing" State Record for the 4000m Teams Pursuit. In the late nineties riders including Ben Day, Justin Cowman and Daniel Rynne represented us at National and International competition.

The Kangaroo Point Cycling Club is now one of the strongest track cycling clubs in Queensland. Many recent members such as Justin Cowman, Chris Klem, Paul Bathersby Jnr, Daniel Rynne, Alistair Hartley, Joel and Byron Davis, Joel Lewis, Chris and Nick Murphy, Nick Hendy, Ethan O'Dell and Jessy Byrnes have represented us at a State and National level. 

There have been many talented cyclists in our club, the great thing about us is that we are not exclusive and since our inception have welcomed and supported members of all abilities. There have been many other members of the club who have been long term supporters of the club and the greater cycling community including the late Bill Hurley and Clyde Erskine. Don and Netta Madigan, Gordon Foster, Bernie Engstrom, Peter Cosgrove, Peter Rasell, Keith Ham, Geoff Rynne (former CEO of Cycling Queensland), and Paul and Betty Bathersby are among those who have continued the clubs friendly tradition.