The Kangaroo Point Cycling Club Inc. was founded in 1905 and is the oldest cycling club in Queensland.  

The club presently caters for those members who only have time to ride or race once per week to the more serious State, Australian or World Champion

We have very friendly weekly group rides as well as more serious and structured training rides and club coaching for those looking to race, improve fitness and skills.

There's something for everyone at KPCC, are you coming for the ride?

Get involved today: Club Rides, Womens Rides, Ride the Track, Racing.


It's easy. We promise! Just take a look at our guide to Getting Started that matches your interests and follow the step by step instructions. We look forward to welcoming you on your first ride soon!

Join the Club and ride in the #greenwhiteblack with people just like you!

From weekly Social Rides, skills courses and social events through to Volunteering opportunities, there's something for everyone!

For Women, by Women, no boys allowed!

Get your foot in the door and enjoy riding in a friendly, welcoming and encouraging group! The perfect starting point for Women new to the sport. 

Join the Club and race in the #greenwhiteblack!

From your first ride with a group to coaching and training, mentors and advice we've got everything you need to get started racing!

Join the Club and ride the Velodrome in the #greenwhiteblack!

From your first time on the boards to the World Championships, our experienced Coaches will be there to show you how it's done!


Queensland's toughest and most prestigious one-day road race classic - the Cunningham Classic.

Browse the Club Shop and select from our wide range of good quality, comfortable and stylish club clothing.

Weekly rides to suit everyone's speed, confidence and interests. From the Sunday Club Ride to mid-week training sessions.


Get to the Point 2017

The 3rd annual 'Get to the Point' challenge ride was run on Easter Monday 17 April

Get to the Point 2016

The club spread all over Brisbane this Labour day aiming to beat each other back with the most points.  Members accepted the Challenge and it was on!

Anzac 25 Wrap-up

A very successful day out at Lakeside for the Club at HWCC's Anzac 25 Open


Membership provides a range of benefits including:

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